Hallakate is one of the first Pure-play social media agencies ever established in Kosovo.

Social Media Agency – Kosovo

We are located in the heart of Prishtina, the capital of “The Young Europeans” in Kosovo and we work in partnership with our clients to grow their business using social media.

Our team understands the rapidly changing social media landscape and the local user behavior.
We are a team with +8 years combined experience in the Social Media Ecosystem and we serve clients that engage approx. 1 million users a day

Kosovo is a country with 82% internet penetration and 1M internet mobile users. 70% of population is on social media and with approx 1.2M  monthly active facebook users.

  • Social Media Audit
  • Strategic Consulting 
  • Create target audiences 
  • Facebook Ads management 
  • Content Distribution 
  • Community Management 
  • Content creation
  • Analytical Reporting 
  • Training and Coaching
  • Development  (Web&Mobile)

(Based on our analyses)


1,000,000 monthly active users on Facebook

32,000 monthly active users on LinkedIN

580,000 monthly active users on Instagram

1 Milion internet mobile useres in Kosovë

April 2017

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We do our best to meet our customers expectations, always in time.