About us

Hallakate is the first social media agency in Kosovo. It was founded in 2016 by Valon Canhasi, one of the pioneers of this field in Kosovo.

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Hallakate | Social Media Agency

Why Us?

At Hallakate we are online every day. This makes us understand when, where and who is online. Reading data every day, helps us understand the online behaviors of the 1M active users in Kosovo. The data we explore, helps us find creative solutions for our client’s challenges.

How we think?

Creativity runs within our team hence social ideas reflect on human interaction, behavior and relationships. Through these actions, the gap and the need to offer new seemingly ideas in order to generate solutions come to surface. Through creativity, we find new ways of creating patterns and make new connections with the common.

What makes our approach different?

Our approach is what makes us unique. First, we read the DATA and then we sit shoulder to shoulder and work 1:1 to understand the business and the industry that you are in. We work together to set goals and objectives for your online presence. We are always honest and straightforward, therefore what makes us stand out from the competition is that we protect our clients by following our policy, one business per industry

How do we measure success?

We are a results driven company. Success is achieved when we provide our clients ideas that solve their problems.  Reaching the objectives of the specific projects and campaigns of our clients, plays a big role in defining our success. The retention of our clients is what makes us successful in this industry. 


Our Values


We encourage and empower a growth driven mindset. The individual energy plays a significant role towards collective growth. In our team each of us can create, raise their voice and grab the chance to grow.


What we deliver to our associates, comes as a result of what we use to create our environment, content and work process. This culture is our creativity.


By having a sense of humor and a happy workplace environment, we create a positive vibe for extraordinary creativity, excellent client service, and thriving team members.


We like to have fun, yet we are serious about what we do. Our work is results driven and professional. At the end of the day, that’s what we and our clients want the most – the bottom line!



Hallakate, the First Social Media Agency in Kosovo.

2014 - 2016

Consultancy and involvement in various technology and media projects.


We had the idea of designing an app and we had the prototype ready within a couple of hours. Results: Ipko became our client.

  • Project: Ipko Menu App
  • Creator: Valon Canhasi
  • Developer: Bujar Mulliqi and Milot Shala

After analyzing the data from Hallakate.com we came to the conclusion that the behavior of the online users has changed.

Today, users go online to discover content rather than search for it.

This made us realize that this business model will not work out! That’s when we stopped the development of Hallakate.com as a search engine.


Hallakate was established at ICK in 2011 during the “Startup Weekend Prishtina”. The idea was to create a search engine which would only show results of websites from Kosovo. Millions of websites from Kosovo were indexed, and more than 15 thousand keywords have been searched. The idea was to replace google.com.

This generated a lot of visits online and we ended up telling our story on the biggest medias such as Klan Kosovo, RTV21, KTV etc.