5 techniques to help you overcome Writer’s Block when Creating Content

Kaltrina Jashari

March 23, 2023

Block, Block, Block

Has it ever happened to you? I know it has, you can’t really escape it. We experienced a slight block as well 😛
For example, this is how the title of this blog was written:

Blocking technique

How to avoid writer’s block

Getting through writer’s block, tips

Tips on how to overcome writer’s block

5 Techniques to help you overcome Writer’s Block when Creating Content


So, let’s relax and fight writer’s block while reading this blog.

You have to come to terms with the fact that writer’s block is a regular part of our job, when we’re writing blogs, copy, posts, or even cooking recipes… ups! You can’t escape it regardless of how much experience or skill you have.

Writers, copywriters, and other creators, big or small are all in this battle with ourselves. Yep, you too…

Now, in the hopes it will be helpful, we’ll share in this blog some of the ways we use here at Hallakate to overcome this “challenge”.

1. Write, don’t think!

Just write, start somewhere. One of the techniques scientifically proven to work is “free writing”. In other words, write what comes to mind without worrying if it’s good or bad. Soon, you’ll see your thoughts become clear and you’ll figure it out.

2. Take it easy

It’s not the end of the world if your first attempt at writing a copy/blog, conceiving a message or titling an article you’ve been working on for a while, is not good enough. Give yourself a break by distancing yourself from the work you’ve been doing (or not doing, if you know what I mean). Sometimes, the best creations were born in the most unexpected places during the most unusual times (Yeah, even in Prishtina’s busy streets).

Here’s what you can do:

Work on something else: during your block it’s good to put your focus on some other task, perhaps something that requires less creativity. If you work with clients from different industries or different products, start working on the next client/product.

Listen to music: work off, headphones on. Science also supports that listening to music helps with the relief of stress. It might even change your whole mood, then who knows, a great idea might hit you or at the very least you might get motivated to keep going.

Work out: Exercise is a fantastic way to decompress. While we don’t recommend hitting the gym during working hours, you should at the very least do some stretching in the office, go for a little stroll during lunch, or climb the stairs if your office is located on a higher floor (now you understand why Hallakate is located on the fourth floor.)


3. Read Read Read

Before the era of ChatGPT and other AI platforms that have all the answers at the tip of your fingers, people used to read actual books. Books are not only a window to the world in general, but they’re also a window of creativity and inspiration. Thus, books can help you write better and provide you with fresh ideas as a content creator. Especially Paul Arden books.


4. Ask for other’s opinions

We write/create/publish for others (the audience). Thus, one method to make this process go more smoothly is to hear what other people have to say about your concept or the draft you’ve written. Have a look as we say.

Changes, modifications, or other insights you gain from talking with folks who experience the same difficulties as you.


5. Ask different apps for help

Technology was developed to shorten the time when writing articles like this one, making your life easier. Several apps have been created by brilliant minds (programmers) that make writing easier to handle.

You might think about using programs like Grammarly, Scrivener, iA Writer, the Hemingway App, and many others.

To sum up, I suggest to regularly remind yourself that you are a talented writer and that getting stuck is quite normal. Remember that there is always space for improvement; perfection does not exist. So, press publish, same as me with this blog.

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