Valon’s Take on Online Sales for Klan Kosova

Rreze Hoxha

September 3, 2021

Online sales – was the topic we talked about for Ora Shtatë, on Klan Kosova.

There is currently a lot of news on traditional media about the negative effects that the pandemic has had on businesses. What we do not hear as often though, is the growth of certain businesses during these times of global crisis. In this case, we are talking about online sales. While the world is going through a digital transition, so are sales.

This is what the best boss ever, Valon Canhasi had to say about them…

Why businesses fail

Online sales have undoubtedly grown. Businesses that have been ready for the transition from the physical to the virtual, have prepared in the direction and invested respectively. Other businesses have worked on the idea that they can sell online the same way they did offline. Not only that, but they assumed they could do it with the same team as well. This is the main reason these businesses have failed because online sales differ a ton from in-person ones. Shopping online is an experience that is learned and not everyone is familiar with it yet. Sales have gone from e-commerce as we know it to sales on Instagram and Facebook.


In addition to online sales on Facebook and Instagram, another trend has surfaced in Kosovo. This is the appearance and growth of quick delivery services. Today, we have about 30 delivery businesses that enable the online shopping experience. Not only do they get the job done, but they do so quickly! We use to buy things on Ali Express and wait 40 days for a product to arrive. Today, we have companies that deliver the paid product or service ordered within 24 hours after the purchase.

Instagram as a sales platform

Instagram has had a very fast boom for small businesses making online sales. One of the reasons being the use of the Story option. It is the fact that you can respond to a story right after seeing it and asks questions about the product or price. The most frequently asked question related to this industry, especially during our training, is related to the exact same online sales.

The sales trend on Instagram is not only growing in our country but all over the world. That is why Instagram has created the Instagram Shop. In our country, this option is not available to everybody yet, but it will be very soon. You will be able to look at a picture and see the products in it with a single click. This will raise curiosity about the product, interest, and ultimately sales.

Are you in or are you out?

According to the latest Google report, people’s buying habits have gone from shopping and buying to always shopping. These days, people are constantly wanting to buy something online. That sets a new standard for online sales.

Businesses need to use this opportunity and be there for the customer. I do not suggest you post a lot with the “Discount” captions though. Although the price is one of the most important factors, it is not the only one. So, you don’t need to give it all the attention. The most important thing is the buying experience as a whole. This includes communication with the business, the way you receive the required information, how you’re introduced to the product, the entire delivery process, as well as the buying ride being a smooth one.

It is a positive buying experience that which ultimately drives online sales.

For the full interview, watch the video below!?

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