100% Prodhim Vendor

With the imposition of the 100% tax on Serbian goods and products from the Government of Ramush Haradinaj, the consumption of local goods and products started to rise. In order to support our local producers, we came up with the idea that together with the local creative agencies to support the development of the local producers branding image.


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How we helped:

Idea, concept, web page, consulting.

Who we helped:

Local producers


Many of the local producers in Kosovo, among the challenges that they face while doing business, is also the challenge of promoting their products. A lot of people were not aware which products were locally produced and who actually produces them.


While monitoring the situation, we and a number of creative and software companies, came up with the idea of helping our local producers. So, we contacted our friends from Kutia and Honedon to join the initiative.


After a meeting with Arianit Fazliu from Kutia and Abdullah Hasani from Honedon, we came to the finalized concept of the slogan, logo and website. We immediately made it public on social media and it was shared by thousands of consumers and businesses that started to support local producers. 

The local producers that we helped throughout this campaign are: Persi Detergent, Leka Lamps, Unik Take etc.