Why is the FërFër Collaboration a Success Story?


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In their words, FërFër are fashion enthusiasts, art and textile professionals who produce a variety of products for your business. Their work is tailored to meet individual needs, ranging from unique aprons to chef jackets.


FërFër came to us with two specific requests:

1. To increase the sales of their quality products, covering all of Kosova, and

2. To raise brand awareness in Albania (Spoiler! This brought in sales as well!)


After having audited over all their online channels and social media on one hand, and analysing their business data on the other, we were able to identify what were the necessary steps to take. We saw a need to create audiences with relevant interests to advertise to them the FërFër brand and products.

Making use of audience behavior analysis, we created campaign concepts for Kosova and Albania. We also came up with a new look and feel that would identify the brand upon first glance. Thus, the newly created audiences became target audiences for the campaigns.

Campaigns encompassed different objectives and helped increase sales, receive messages, get web visits, and ultimately raised brand awareness.

The coolest of all, was probably the Instagram filter! We created a personalized Instagram filter for FërFër. This filter would be used by those into gastronomy to try on different FërFër aprons. If you’re interested to know more on this topic, click on the word filter!

These were all accompanied by an ongoing consulting process to aid in the achievement of the desired results.


Why is FërFër a success story?

The desired outcomes of this successful collaboration are a result of campaign optimization, continuous monitoring, and low cost campaign ads.

A quick return on ad spend followed the launch of campaigns.

The data derived from all sales channels, such as the web, social media messages, and phone calls, all showed the impact of our campaigns, with a large number of sales and an overall increase in brand awareness.