How Can Instagram Filters Help Your Business?

Rreze Hoxha

March 29, 2021


Instagram filters came out in May 2017 and were very similar to the already existing Snapchat filters. These were being used mainly for selfies. However, it turns out there is a not-so-obvious benefit to using the filters through the main camera.

Do you want to make your business, products, and services known to the public? If so, then you can use personalized filters, tailored specifically for your business. The best way to explain it is by example…

Solution – Personalized Instagram Filters

FërFër is a company that designs and produces products of textile for individuals and businesses. This client of ours is known for their quality aprons locally and internationally. We suggested that we create a special Instagram filter for their business, and that’s how “Provo Përparësen” filter came to be. Find the filter on Instagram!

Filter Preview

You can try the filter on yourself or others. There are several apron designs to choose from and try on you or your employees. So, it spreads awareness about your business by being efficient and fun!

On one hand, it helps the people already interested in your brand to make their buying choices and take action. For those who never heard about your business, it’s a fantastic way to spread the word! Consider the fact that 200 million Instagram users visit at least one Instagram business page in a day.  Besides, it’s fun! Not only is it anything but dull to customers, but they could play with it and get creative!

How the filter looks like

Alright, let’s say you are sold on the idea. Let us walk you through the process of creating your own Instagram filter. The filters we are talking about are, what we tech enthusiasts call, AR (Augmented Reality) Filters. This means that they are not layered on top of an existing image, rather they tweak the image in real-time.

Instagram Filters and Benefits

The opportunity to create such filters used to be limited to specific accounts and you needed Instagram’s invitation to do so. Today, it is available to you! Use the Spark AR Studio and create the filter for your business!

Your visitors can easily find all the filters you create as shown here?

Use Instagram filters to get closer to your audience, especially the younger people. Create filters with interesting designs to best represent your business. Make your business cooler and more accessible!

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