Bac, Çikat Na e Zbardhën Ftyrën!

For the 10th Year Anniversary of the Kosovo Independence, our team decided to modify the famous Independence Day slogan 'Bac, u kry'. We decided to celebrate this day with a creation of an image with the faces of our three most successful girls in the world: Dua Lipa, Rita Ora and Majlinda Kelmendi. We have collaborated with Image of Kosovo.


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How we helped:

Idea, concept, strategy, distribution, copywriting.

Who we helped:

General public and Image of Kosovo.


For a long time we have discussed about what should we do to mark the 10th Year Anniversary of Kosovo Independence. At the beginning of January, our team joined the ICK and the Presidential Office initiative to contribute in generating ideas and creative content along the 10 years anniversary campaign. During this process, we discussed what was that content that has the potential to go VIRAL.


On a typical day at the office, we were brainstorming about what our clients should do to mark the 10th Year Anniversary of Kosovo Independence, and what we as Hallakate can do for our company as well. The initial idea was to promote the success and achievement of our girls in Kosovo and the world.

While reflecting back in the 10 years of Independence, from the declaration on the 17th of February 2008, we remembered the famous slogan of that day ‘Bac, u kry’. Through this particular slogan, along came the idea to modify it in order to promote the success of our girls and transform it into ‘Bac, çikat na zbardhën ftyrë’, (‘Our girls are making us proud’.)

Inspired by the American president’s sculpture on the Mount Rushmore, our designer, Nita came up with the design.


In collaboration with our friends at Image of Kosovo, we decided to make the design public one day prior to the anniversary day.

Everything went quite for a couple of hours, until the image started going viral. The design, the text and the momentum, made it possible to be shared by many public figures, politicians, ambassadors and medias transforming this image into the main symbol of the 10th Year Anniversary of Kosovo Independence.

There were a lot of discussion about who should be added to this image, therefore our team welcomed the suggestions such as Era Istrefi, Vlora Çitaku, Jeta Xharra, Geta Beça, Uta Ibrahimi, Bebe Rexha…and this only made our message more powerful, which tells that Kosovo has not only three but a lot of girls that are reaching the tops of success in the world.