Book of the Month Review: Predictable Revenue by Aaron Ross


April 8, 2020

Predictable Revenue by Aaron Ross is about how he turned the company he worked for into a sales machine using the predictable income technique or known as the ‘Cold Calling 2.0’ technique. What makes this book even more interesting is the way the author advises us to start reading. While all the books start from the first chapter, Ross in this book suggests to start with the 6th and 7th chapters and then go back to the first chapter because by reading these chapters first, we will understand the book in the appropriate way as the author claims we should.

The author begins this book by saying that great companies know that sales are just the first step in an ongoing process of making customers successful over the years. He also explains that creating a predictable revenue process requires three things:

1. Predictable lead generation– This method includes identifying the desired leads that you want to target and tracking the actual conversions.
2. A dedicated sales development team that connects the marketing and sales team.
3. Consistent sales systems – Just document your entire process so every salesperson follows the same process and there is no confusion.

Traditional Cold Calling definition is the situation when we call a person who doesn’t know us and isn’t expecting the call. The author emphasizes that, for the sake of sincerity, no one enjoys this, neither the caller nor the person being called.

Ross realized early in his sales career that the main problem of prospecting is spending most of the time searching for the right person, not qualifying them or selling to them. Therefore, he points out that with a reference, the conversation feels a little bit more authentic and you have a valid reason to contact your potential customer.

Then let’s see how a Cold Calling 2.0 process looks like according to this author:

1. Ideal customer profile – The first step is being clear on your ideal customer profile.
2. Contact list – Build a list of contacts that match your profile.
3. Run email campaigns – A crucial part of ‘Cold Calling 2.0’ is knowing how to use email effectively.
4. Sell the dream – Make sure to stay focused on your potential customer’s business. Just help them connect their needs to your solutions.
5. Pass the Baton – Once you’ve proven that there is a possibility, pass the baton to an Account Executive or the sales closers for the close

Among other things, the author strongly supports the 80/20 rule.

According to Aaron when it comes to generating Leads, businesses need a steady stream of three types of Leads:

1. Seeds, or leads that come from word-of-mouth marketing
2. Nets, or leads that come from inbound marketing
3. Spears, or leads that sales reps bring in through lists and outbound prospecting

So, in conclusion, this is a great book in which Aaron Ross shared his extensive experience in the sales world. His methods are viable and helpful for any industry. He explains in detail how the sales process works today and how it is a must for every sales professional and entrepreneur.

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