How to use Instagram filters?


February 21, 2020

filter nusja digjitale

AR Filters are the biggest trend right now on Instagram. Users more and more are using these fun effects to create even more interesting content on their Instagram stories.

If you want to learn how to best use Instagram filters, keep reading. ?

There are 3 ways how you can use filters on Instagram:

1. Instagram Filters of Followers

To use a filter that one of your follower has shared on their story, click on the name of the filter in the top left corner.

After you have clicked the name of the filter, a menu will pop. This menu will let you, try the filter, save it or send it to someone. To try this filter on yourself, just click the button ‘Try It’.

2. Instagram Profile Filters

Go visit the profile of someone that has created a filter. Under the Bio you will find a menu with 3 different icons. The icon in the middle will open a gallery of different filters that particular profile has created.

Click on one of the filters to see an example of how that particular filter will look on you.

After you get an idea of how that filter looks, click on the button ‘Try It’ to use it yourself.


3. Instagram Story Filters

Open the story option on your Instagram feed or profile. After, you will see a menu with different filters and effects to choose from.

To try out a new filter, just swipe until you find the one you like and then click on the circle to snap a story.

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