4 Facebook Updates You Need to Know for 2021!

Rreze Hoxha

March 26, 2021

Facebook updates are changes that Facebook constantly applies to its platform in order to improve it. In this article, we present to you the latest Facebook updates.

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Here are the latest Facebook updates:

1. New Account Status Feature

Mobile screen of the Account Status layout

This feature lists all the Pages and Groups that you manage. This option will also enable you to see your current and past restriction history. It is placed under a briefcase icon. You can access it now, or you will be able to soon.

2. Facebook Pages got a makeover

Mobile screen of the Pages layout

The Pages section is not the same. Besides changes in design, new features have been added. The option Like has been removed to avoid the confusion of having to choose between Like and Follow. 

Navigating between Accounts has also been made easier. A new and exciting Q&A feature has been added to Pages where you can put answers to your followers’ questions. The Q&A will then be saved for people to see or revisit later.

Comments of public figures will be pushed to the top to be made more visible. The option to Follow will now appear on recommendations and comments as well, for easier access.

You will be much more in control of the kind of access you give to admins. You can give them full or partial/selected access, this applies to content, insights, ads, and more.

3. An enriched Access Your Information

Mobile screen of the Access Your Information layout

The “Access Your Information” segment launched in 2018 and was divided into two categories: Your Information and Information About You. Quite different names, no? Luckily, the segment is now divided between eight different categories as follows:

Your Activity Across Facebook,
Friends and Followers,
Personal Information,
Logged Information,
Ads Information,
Apps and Websites Off of Facebook, and
Security and Login Information.

You will from now on be able to track your location as well and look back on it. We’re getting a little of this vibe…

4. Automatic Followers Audience

Feeling watched

Facebook is going to spare you the hassle and automatically save the people who Follow your page into an Audience. Not only that, but you can also create a “Lookalike Audience” – one who shares similar characteristics with the people who already follow you. You can then use both of these for your campaign ads.

One thing’s for sure, Facebook updates are not going anywhere! This is a good reason for those of you who use Facebook for business to stay on top of these news and changes at all times.

Source: Facebook

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