How we’re keeping up with working from home


April 13, 2020

Given the situation created by the Covid-19 virus, we continued to work from home. Take a look at what each of our team thinks about this:


“It is obvious that so much has changed due to the Covid-19 situation. Instead of being in office, we are now working from home. The word process has had its changes, but the meetings with the staff and clients the most, since we now have them online. The clients requests have also changed, particularly given the restrictions and curfews for outside activity. For some time now, we started working with different clients that implement e-commerce, therefore we are now busy supporting them in this aspect.

Personally, I’m not a big fan of working from home, given that I’m an active person. But, I try to pass the time by taking different online courses to further self develop. While, later in the evening, Netflix of course.”


“Working as a designer and especially as a graphic designer in principal is an activity after all, social. Nothing has changed but everything changed. As an introvert, I should like this slow distancing from people. But it isn’t so. At the times when I used to work as a freelancer I didn’t mind the absence of an office or colleagues.

While working as a designer everything may play a role, a written brief? Eh, was I or wasn’t I in the office, that brief would remain the same. But even an advice, comment or simply a colleague who can explain something, makes a huge difference. It’s obvious that I miss the office, the connection with the staff. An activity for example walking to the office, or just going up those tiring stairs that took me to the 4th floor, I simply miss them, but mostly the comfort and inspiration that office used to give me.”


I wake up in the morning. Get ready. But I don’t go to the office. I will work from home – remotely. At first, I found it strange, although for a period of two years I have worked remotely for Hallakate. On one side, it made me feel like I was back in Rotterdam. But no!

I haven’t created a special place where I sit and work, because for me it is easier to work if I sit on my favorite chair and put the laptop in my lap (I know this is not a good thing, not healthy). During the day we are in contact with colleagues, discuss and talk about different things. Of course, we do send memes or videos we think others will enjoy. We are in touch with our clients, do the work, but we also do research on different things. During this  time I am creating designs or concepts, I am reading various details about art theories which nowadays have impact thus play an important role. One of them that caught my eye recently and made me read it more was The Color Theory, which Paul Klee was one of those artists who worked hard on it.

As a result, these many readings, various theories are broadening the perception of design creation that tend to be more conceptual, which can gradually and even massively have an even greater impact in society. But, above all, it is not that the work process has changed. It is the same as it was before the pandemic. The only difference is those 15 minutes of walking to the office.”


“The situation created by the Covid 19 virus, of course, affected me as well. During this time, I had to deal with two different priorities. The first was to manage the situation at home and make sure the family is well and the second priority was to manage the team and customers. The daily routine consisted mainly different tasks for our clients, and during the afternoon I continued to hold SMM online trainings. In the evenings, I watch documentaries on Netflix and continue to read the book I started before the quarantine.”


Working from home for me has had a positive effect so far. As we all know, every company has its own philosophy and its own life in the office created by different rules that make us do our work more efficiently, be that our daily staff meetings, client meetings, reporting meetings etc. At home, since I have never worked freelance before, the challenge was to find my own personal rules that would get the best out of me. So, apart from the daily scheduled meetings and some technical work that has to be done at a certain time for our clients, I do most of the job in the early morning like 6am until 8 or 9am, be that strategy building, developing ideas etc.

The next challenge has been predicting online behaviour since the circumstances are different from any other time. As a result, depending on our client’s goals we have had to change many of our campaign objectives and ad content, knowing that the online users are going to be home all the time and the content they wish to see is a more happy and hopeful content than the one they have been receiving on the news day to day. 

For the other remaining time of my day, I have tried to educate myself on different digital marketing subjects, therefore the courses offered by Google are an important part of my day, and I would suggest to everyone who is interested in digital marketing to take a look at those courses. Lastly, the TV show Westworld has been a very good way to close up my day.”


Taking the Corona virus situation created globally, we also started working from home.

Nothing has really changed actually, expect the meetings and discussions with my colleagues and the clients. But in the meantime we got adapted to this thanks to different tools that enabled us to have online meetings. The day starts with a cup of tea or coffee (the same way it started back in office) and listing the different tasks that are due that day. Then I contact our clients and around noon the whole team has an online meeting. In the meantime, I try to do some research and explore what content is best suited for the forever changing online users behaviors.

Let’s be honest really, who doesn’t enjoy working all comfy in your own PJ’s? 😛 “


My opinion in working from home is good, I am pleased that an opportunity like this has been given to us in our company, I am saying this because some of my friends don’t have this option and are forced to go in the workplace and are very scared and not focused on their work due to possible exposure to the virus. Normally, that isn’t the same as when you work in an environment surrounded by a positive community as we have in our company and with whom we often exchange different pieces of advice, ideas and thoughts, which is a little harder to achieve while working from home. But in conclusion, this can be considered a good experience as it teaches us to become more flexible and proactive during working hours.”

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