Snapchat – The Leading Platform for Youth in Kosova

Rreze Hoxha

April 12, 2021

Snapchat users in Kosove

What is Snapchat?

Snapchat is a mobile phone app, available for both iOS and Android. You can use Snapchat for many things, like sending text messages and short videos, video calls, creating your own “Bitmoji”, and sharing content on your personal profile.  An important part of Snapchat is the Discovery section which allows us to see short content from global magazines.

This application lets you save your content in a private space where only you can see it by putting in your password. Another cool feature is the location filters who use AI to detect your location and apply the corresponding filter at any time. The special thing about Snapchat is the immediate communication using mobile phones, while social media traditionally relied on Desktop use and gathering of data.

Snapchat is so widely used in Kosova that it makes for the most used app by young people. While these youngsters spend most of their time on the internet, the majority of this time is spent exactly on Snapchat.

We are sharing with you the general information about the usage of the app from young people and other quite interesting facts.

Snapchat in Kosova?

Currently, this platform is being used by approximately 630,000 people in Kosova.

This group of users is split almost evenly between male and female users, where 51.3% or 323,190 people are male, and 47.9% or 301,770 people are female.

If we add the age factor to that, we are then left with this division:

Of the number of active users in Kosova, 23% or 144,900 people are between the ages of 13-17, from which 68,040 are male and 76,860 are female.

Ages 18-20 make up for 20% of the audience or 126,000 people, with 61,109 male, whereas 61,740 are female.

21% of the total audience or 132,300 people are between the age of 21- 24, 73,080 male and 59,220 female.

25-34 years old are the 26% or 163,800 people, with 91,980 being male, and 69,930 being female.

People over the age of 35 are only 10% of the general audience, precisely 63,000 people, 28,980 male, and 34,020 female. 

Who are the Snapchat users in Kosova?

If you have wondered just who the Snapchat users of Kosova are and what they do, we bring you detailed information about them. This way, you can use this data to benefit your business objectives and online presence.

From the number of people who spend most of their time on Snapchat, 42% are TV and movie fans. Snapchat provides us with even more specific information about them, such as the kind of movies and TV they watch. Turns out:

– 23% watch talk shows,
– 19% go to the movies,
– 19% are comedy fans,
– 17% like reality TV, and
– 15% are fans of superhero movies, while the rest is divided between other categories.

42% of the same audience are music fans. When divided into genres, the percentages look like this:

– 30% Hip-Hop,
– 24% Pop Music,
– 23% World Music,
– 22% are festival-goers,
– 9% listen to electronic music, the rest are further divided into other genres.

Sports fans make up 39% of the audience. The types of sports accompanied by the respective percentages are these:

– 21% basketball,
– 19% martial arts and wrestling,
– 18% soccer,
– 10% college basketball,
– 8% American football and the rest pertain to other categories of sport.

Another very important piece of information is that 60.7% or 382,410 users have Iphones, while 39.3% or 247,589 people use Android phones.

We can dive even deeper into this by looking at the exact types of phones they use. The stats tell us that:

Apple iOS:

8% have the iPhone 7,
7% have the iPhone 6,
7% have the iPhone 7 Plus,
6% have the iPhone X,
6% have the iPhone 6s.


2% have the Galaxy A10,
2% have the Galaxy A21S,
2% have the Galaxy A10s,
1% have the Galaxy A50,
1% have the Galaxy A5.  

2% have Huawei phones. 


In this blog post, we provided you with basic information about Snapchat and its usage in Kosova. As the data suggests, Snapchat remains a prevailing social media platform in Kosova. Thus, we strongly advise that you pay special attention to it as a channel of communication and advertisement. 

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